Client Data System

Manages over 75 programs in the Social Service Domains of: Child and Family Counseling,  Prevention and Out-of-Home Care.  Includes specific workflows for Treatment Foster Care and Special Needs Adoption.

The Client Data System offers:client-data-system

  • Supervisory control features
  • The ability to easily replicate common workflow processes across programs
  • System features for both low tech and high tech users
  • A reduction in data entry time
  • Outcomes tracking features
  • An enhanced service delivery process as outlined by accreditation
  • Features that allow system users to define and customize the system
  • Clinical documentation features that support billable services
  • Access to data via views and reports for all users (based on privilege level)
  • Enhanced report features, including: data aggregation, real time report
    generation, standardization of reports, user report sorting,  filtering and ad hoc generation options
  • Electronic case files that include clinical elements from intake through
  • Compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations
  • Compliance with State Licensing and Accreditation Standards
  • Security and Audit Control to enhance confidentiality and integrity

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