ACO Accelerator

Accountable-Care-OrganizationThe ACO Accelerator is an integrated suite of systems and components
that complements and extends functionality of an SCM-centered EHR,
getting you ready for operating an ACO in 2012.

  • Ready-to-use Sunrise integration that lowers implementation cost and complexity by as much as an order of magnitude when compared with any piece-meal approach.
  • Modular design for flexible alignment with already
    deployed functionality.
  • Adaptable Report Data Aggregator to keep-up with “moving target” of
    reporting metrics.


The ACO Accelerator software package consists of 6 major modules:

  • ACO Extender for Sunrise

    ACO Extender for Sunrise is a core component of the solution. Its primary objective is to enable physicians to see ACO-added data, including PCP-entered information, without leaving SCM and logging in to a separate system.   The other equally important objective is to provide a gateway to SCM data for all other modules in the system.

    Functionality of the module includes:

    • Display of ACO mandated PCP information in  EHR
    • Communication of alerts and reminders required for care coordination
    • Access to Secure Messaging Client for communication with PCP and Patients
    • Ability to compare quality care measurements across departments and individual physicians
    • SCM data extract interface for Adaptable Report Data Aggregator
    • Centralized management of additional ACO related administrative functions


  • Adaptable Report Data Aggregator

    The majority of measurements require submission through the CMS GPRO web interface tool, and the Adaptable Report Data Aggregator combines data and populates the GPRO for reporting of measurements.

    The Adaptable Report Data Aggregator facilitates the following tasks:

    • Prepares and sends the report to the CMS GPRO web interface
    • Provides a flexible reporting tool that keeps you agile
    • Assembles Sunrise data with Primary Care Physician data behind the scenes
    • Displays CMS feedback from the GPRO


  • PCP Portal

    Primary Care Provider (PCP) Portal encapsulates outpatient care coordination and transitions across the  entire ACO provider network.  Hospital information available to the primary care and/or specialty provider through the portal includes:

    • Patient demographic data
    • Inpatient and outpatient visits
    • Health issues
    • Medications (including home medications)
    • Orders
    • Allergies
    • Notes
    • Lab results
    • External lab results
    • Documents
    • Links to PACS viewer
    • Growth Charts

  • Patient Portal ACO Tools

    Patient centered domain measurements focus on the satisfaction of the patient care experience.   ACOs must qualitatively assess patients’ perspectives of the care provided and demonstrate good care coordination and seamless transitions. Using Patient Portal ACO Tools, organizations can capture measurements of patient satisfaction and safety, including qualitative survey results.

    Patient Portal ACO Tools include surveys that are necessary for the following Final Rule measurements:

    • CAHPS: Getting Timely Care, Appointments, and
    • CAHPS: How Well Your Doctors Communicate
    • CAHPS: Patients’ Rating of Doctor
    • CAHPS: Access to Specialists
    • CAHPS: Health Promotion and Education
    • CAHPS: Shared Decision Making
    • CAHPS: Health Status/Functional Status
  • Secure Messaging for ACO

    Properly constructed Secure Messaging is positioned to assume a significantly greater role in an ACO. In an environment where a care provider is stimulated to achieve savings, a significant portion of physician-to-patient communication can be beneficially consigned to Secure Messaging. While it cannot replace face-to-face contact, it can encourage more continuous communication and result in greatly improved patient safety, chronic disease management and preventive care. It is essential to care coordination between Primary Care Providers, Specialists and Patients.

  • Coordinated Medication Reconciliation

    In recent years JCAHO attention greatly stimulated development of dedicated Medication Reconciliation tools in EHR systems. In a majority of cases these tools still cover only hospital-prescribed medications and, therefore, physicians must rely on patient’s verbal recollection of medications prescribed outside of hospital.

    The Coordinated Medication Reconciliation module:

    • Creates a complete list of medications combining  Hospital and PCP-prescribed medications, along with information the Patient enters about discontinued use or missed dosages, greatly reducing the possibility of error
    • Checks for drug interactions across all medications
    • Provides physicians with ability to discontinue SCM medication directly from PCP Portal Medication Reconciliation screen
    • Keeps a reportable track of all performed reconciliations

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