EHR Add-On’s

Snomed-ICD10 TermMeister

Provide your physicians with the best tool available and ensure a smooth adoption of ICD-10 terminology.  Watch this 2 min video to see it in action:Medda TermMeister

Dosage Calculator

  • Code Conditions,  PCA/PNCA and Intubations
  • Calculate Dose,  Range, and Hourly RateEHR-add-ons
  • Accompanied by Clear Instructions
  • Simple and Effective

Medication Administration

Provide a clear display of the medication administration timeline superior to Centricity® MedAdmin.

Diagnostic Workbench

Electronically draw logical connections between Symptom Analysis to Diagnosis to Treatment. The Diagnostic Workbench is a powerful visualization tool.


  • Patient rounding
  • Resident teaching tool
  • Care transition meetings
  • Communications with patients, families or collaborating physicians
  • On complex cases, captured associations can be saved to allow future analysis and application of machine learning techniques to refine clinical decision support tools

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